Can’t We All Just Get Along?!

I don’t know where this ardent rage and despicable hatred for LGBTQ individuals came from within the black community, but since I’ve been reading The Root it’s become this unfathomable, remarkably disturbing disappointment. There are so many people of color who hate as passionately as racists. It seems when people don’t understand someone else’s lifestyle they react with unrelenting malice and distaste. A reaction full of judgment and impenetrable pride drastically reducing the likelihood of changing minds. Some of the comments include this gem, “I don’t understand why people are honoring this disgusting sexuality. This is nothing to honor his life style (if it’s true) is a sin against life. Woman was made for man to create life. That’s how babies are born. Two men nor two woman can’t create life. Im sick of our on the news tv shows etc….” To say this about anyone while touting religious superiority, spewing this that is so obviously devoid of everything for which Jesus stood. This garbage makes me clench my teeth in anger. But that’s not all, here are another few comments I found written in response to a person who attended their first Gay marriage to get the blood boiling. These comments are from this post on Facebook:

"SICK, SICK, SICK, not the sinner but the S I N, we started out male and female now some people got it ALL messed up to say the lest"


“This is sick illicit pervetted and the beginnings of the castration of the black male. Wake up black men and learn to embrace your God given gender role and sexuality God loves you just as you are.”

Sigh.Gotta love when religion gets involved because so many people seem to think they can speak for an omnipresent being.

"The world doesn’t have to know what your sexual preference is, many of us dont care! If I look at you,smell you, talk to you, I cannot tell you are homosexual! Stop comparing homosexual rights to black civil rights,doesnt even come close! FACT: GOD can deliver people from homosexuality."

FACT: You’re wrong.

"God hates it…"


There are so many more where those came from. And don’t get me started with this “gay agenda” nonsense that people are convinced is a consipracy to get black people to support gay rights. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. Remember that God mentioned earlier, well apparently free will is one of the things bestowed upon us, so uhhh yeah. Obviously this thought process is of a choice percentage, but times are definitely changing and not only parts of the black community, but the world seems to be moving towards a more universal understanding that humanity is something to be cherished not scrutinized. I don’t want it to seem like there weren’t any protests to the hateful comments. There were plenty of people who came out in defense of LGBTQ people.

 I hate to break the news but homosexuality does not belong to one race. There are gays in EVERY country , continent, race, gender , ethnicity and religion. And it has been such since the beginning of time . Yes gay ppl are in Africa and they are not that way bcz they were raped by Romans . Gays were instrumental in the civil rights movement but were made to remain behind closed doors. The reason why black publications run these stories is bcz there are black gay ppl. Maybe not YOU. But they do exist. I know our parents taught us that gayness was a white thing but they lied. I’m sorry to break it to you. It it’s time we grow up. You can still not approve of it . That’s fine but stop operating with the mindset that homosexuality does not exist within our ppl.”

"Gender and race are socially constructed….they are not scientific qualities that can be quantified. These are divisive labels created by human beings to classify and control others."

 Lmao@ “the gay agenda”. I think the agenda of most gay people is them living their lives just like anyone else. The only gay agenda I seem to be aware of is to make this world fabulous with amazing fashion & home decor. Why are people so interested in what consenting adults choose to do? And for those Bible thumpers out there: this is what your Christ had to say about condemning others: John 8:7.”

As someone who is black and gay, it’s surprising to me to see all of these pieces on The Root about LGBT life. Just like seeing so much of my life being played out in the political sphere when it comes to being black, it feels the same way considering that I’m gay. But there’s no gay “agenda” here. I want to succeed in life and be happy just like everyone else. These articles are not propaganda; they humanizing gay people. We’re people, too; and we are BLACK people, too.”

I know it’s not just the black community that holds these atrocious beliefs, but it’s baffling considering our history. I’m not saying “get along with everybody” (though you totes should, it’s awesome) I’m saying, it’s none of your business what anyone else is doing and there is no need to judge because it’s literally none of your business. It’s hard enough being a person of color in this society, there’s no need to make it even harder for individuals who are gay too. CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!


Sitting  in the office before work pushing myself to write something, because I’ve been so horrible with being consistent. And it’s not like this reality is anything new, on the contrary, it’s been something I’ve been battling for years. It’s this thing I like to call “the inability to consistently write about pretty much anything for my Tumblr blog or… ya know insert public writing avenue.” Musing here, I wonder what it is that keeps me from into exercising the one thing that has continuously brought me peace of mind at times and enraged me the next. It’s something that constantly stirs up emotions in me be it good or bad, but it’s something I turn to no matter how I’m feeling. Unless it’s lazy, then all bets are off. However, I find myself barely mustering enough energy to write anything to share on the internet, but then I remember, WTF cares?! 

My terror behind sharing my thoughts on the internet stems from the numerous trolls that live in the bowls of user comments and reddit. It dwells in the fingertips of a-holes and cowards. Though, it also lurks in my own mind, tucked away in the bed of insecurity that has burrowed so deep within in me I sometimes forget its existence and blame my lethargy on the weather. 

Well, I’m tired of making these empty grandiose claims of being more consistent and writing more, because my words mean nothing. Action. Action is everything. I’m slowly figuring out that is the case across all aspects of my life and it’s the simplest yet the hardest concept to grasp. I do a lot of talk. I’m even good at convincing myself that my words are true, which makes it very difficult to improve since I keep telling myself I already have. So, no more being annoyingly untruthful and saying things that ultimately mean nothing because I need to be more impeccable with my words and more actionable with my life. Ha. We’ll see, right?